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Fabrics, coated
Fabrics, nonwoven Select several companies then
Factory fittings
Fastening devices
Feeds for animal farming
Fences and gates
Fertilizers and soil conditioners
Fibres, artificial and synthetic
Films and sheets, plastic Select several companies then
Filtering equipment and supplies
Finance and credit companies
Finance, guarantee and management of credit
Financial advisers
Financial experts
Finishing work
Fire protection equipment
Fire-resistant clothing Select several companies then
Fireplaces and stoves, ornamental and accessories
Fish, seafood and snails, preserved
Flags, insignia badges and trophies
Floors, industrial
Flour and semolina
Flour-milling Select several companies then
Flow meters Select several companies then
Foams, rubber and plastic
Folders, paper Select several companies then
Food - import-export
Food and beverage additives
Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment
Food industry - machinery and equipment
Foods, precooked and gourmet
Forklift trucks
Formal wear
Forming - steels and metals
Foundries - copper, bronze and brass
Framework, wood
Frozen and deep-frozen foods
Fruit preserves and jams
Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen
Fruits and vegetables - import-export
Fruits, dried
Fuels, liquid
Fuels, solid
Funeral articles
Fur farming
Furnishing - supplies
Furnishing fabrics
Furnishings - accessories and decorative objects
Furniture - hotels, bars, caf?s and restaurants
Furniture - hotels, bars, caf?s and restaurants Select several companies then
Furniture and decorations, garden
Furniture and shelving, office
Furniture kits Select several companies then
Furniture, children's bedroom
Furniture, hospital
Furniture, household
Furniture, school
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